History - From the Ashes
A history of the early settlement of Badger Creek and the growth of the Badger Creek Fire Brigade








After the devastating fires of 1939 swept through the small rural settlement of Badger Creek, the residents decided to form their own bushfire brigade.

The first fire brigade operated from the Badger Creek Progress Hall. Equipment consisted of beaters and rakes. A small Dodge truck was purchased to carry water and equipment to fires and it was housed in the supper room at the Hall.

After the Royal Commission in 1945 the Country Fire Authority was formed and took over the running of all the bushfire brigades. Badger Creek was given its first CFA tanker, a series 1 Austin, but the brigade still had no fire station. The tanker was housed at the Captain's (Vern Mullet) dairy and was often seen doing the milk run around Badger Creek.

The first fire station was an ex-army Nissan hut which was erected in 1954 adjacent to the Healesville Sanctuary entrance. In 1977 the fire station was built at 360 Badger Creek Road and underwent several modifications to cater for larger trucks and brigade growth. The current fire station was built in 2008.

The small rural community of Badger Creek has continued to grow and is now a mix of residential, farming, tourism and light industry.

The brigade celebrated 50 years in 1989. A history was published to mark the occasion titled "From the Ashes" and covers the history of the brigade from 1939 to the early nineties. Part 2, an update is now available and reflects the brigade in the new millennium.

How to order "From the Ashes" parts 1 & 2:

Post a cheque (includes postage) made out to Badger Creek Fire Brigade to:

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"From the Ashes"
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the early settlement at Badger Creek

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Part 2

The New Millennium


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