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Fire wise-water wise garden

There is no such thing as a fire retardant plant. All vegetation will burn under the right circumstances.

We live in a fire prone area where our properties may be exposed to bushfire and ember attack. It is possible to design gardens to minimize the effect of fire and to make our houses safer. Bushfire is a fact of life but this does not mean we cannot have an attractive garden. Brochures are available at the fire station.

You may wish to consider the following features in your own garden:

Indigenous plants are fire tolerant. These plants flower at the right times to attract native birds into your garden. Using indigenous plants ensures that these plants will survive and prosper in our area as well as the birdlife they support.

Mixing native and European plants is not a good idea because European plants require high phosphorous fertilizers, which will kill native plants.

Properly mulched garden beds placed away from the house should stay damp over summer or dry periods. Correct placement of mulch beds is important so they donít become dangerous during a bushfire.

The type of plants selected and placement of these around your house is important. Plants, which will burn more readily, should be placed on their own 10 metres away from the house and 10 metres apart. Be aware of the characteristics of the plants you choose. For example. Large shrubs can slow down ember attack by trapping embers and acting as a windbreak.


Indigenous plants are fire tolerant



Brochures are available at the fire station



Properly mulched garden beds



The type of plants selected and placement is important


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